Wooden Toy box that Anyone Can Make To Child

image001 It is not necessary that for every woodwork project, you do not require expensive tools. If you want to make wooden toys, it is easy to work if you have hand tools and some other electronic woodworking equipment. For the creation of the toy box, only a few tools are used.

For making this amazing toy of wood, you just need a miter saw machine and a circular saw. These saws are used for the cutting of wood pieces into parts and a board nailer is required for assembling. For accurate jigs, the circular saw is going to be enough. Using a home-made track, you can cut the wood into straight lines.

For making a kid toy box of wood, you will need some supplies

  • One MDF sheet of ¾ inch
  • Glue
  • 38 1-1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • Brad nails
  • Paint


Steps to create the toy box

 Cut all Steps to create the toy boxthe pieces of according to the layout. The first MDF piece is 3 inch wide. Then we will cut the lower base and the top frame. You need to cut seven 1 inch strips on the short side. Then, you must trim them.
 Using the miter saw machine to cut the pieces of MDF sheet for the side panels of the box, and using a router for perfect joinery, this router should be put on best router table like Bosch RA1181 to make your routing job easier . I usually use this RA1181 Router Table for my woodworking job.
✔ Now start with the assembling process.
✔ Pocket holes method is the main part. With the help of these holes, you can get strong joints.
 Now take the bottom piece of and screw it.
 Fill the inside of the pocket holes with a drywall compound. Then sand down the rough surface after the compound is dry.
 Place the top frame and screw it with the glue and brad nails.
 Do the same with the lower base.
 Fill the nail holes with the compound and leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, start sanding. The edges of the box should be smooth because children have to play with it, so you have to make sure every edge is smooth.
✔ At the end, when you are done assembling all the pieces together, apply a primer coating of paint over the box and leave it to dry. Do the coating inside out.
 On the top and lower base, apply semi-glass white latex paint. You can paint the exterior of the box of any color of your choice.
 After you have painted the box, apply a protection layer on the paint. You can spray a two or three coats of the protection layer for long lasting results. Lacquer is the best choice for protecting the coating.

Now your kid toy box is ready. This is a simple wooden toy for children and you can build it easily with a few woodworking tools. You do not have to use any kind of table saw for this project. Use the miter saw for accurate cutting. This toy box is a great toy which is created for the children who are in learning the stage and they can play with them and learn a lot of things.

You can refer How to build a toy chest with the same way to do as we do Toy box or watch video below for more understanding . Hope that help you can a nice box to your child .

GPS Watches Get Fitness to a New Level

GPS technologies have advanced GPS producers have found revolutionary methods to put it great use. One of the most well-known features is in health and fitness trained in the proper execution from the GPS view. They do a lot more than pinpoint your position; they determine your instant speed, altitude, heart rate and have functions that assist you to set even track and keep track of objectives. They’re utilized by runners, hikers, bike riders, swimmers, sailors and golfers even.callaway gpsync gps rangefinder

And in addition, Garmin is top the race to generate the most comprehensive, light-weight and the best golf gps watch for all sorts of activities. The initial GPS view, the Forerunner tips, is favored by people just getting started as runners still. If whatever you plan to do will be operate several kms a day time to remain fit then you won’t need to appear any further compared to the 101, but if you are likely to take your operating more seriously you might like to attempt Garmin’s Forerunners 201, that allows customers to program various routes.

It a heart rate monitor also, calculates distance and speed, keeps an operating background and contains the virtual running companion to help keep you heading once you don’t would like to. Garmin also makes a design for individuals who like sailing or paragliding specifically.

An additional sailing GPS view comes thanks to Suunto. It tracks bearing and speed and trending meteorological information. Suunto may be the brains behind the GPS watch out for golfers also. It offers information concerning the range of every shot, tee-off range and utilizes the common length of your own photos to suggest the correct golf club.

After that there’s Suunto’s GPS watch out for military staff but which furthermore makes an excellent present for individuals who prefer to possess the very best of everything. It can all a GPS would be expected by you unit to do and is particularly a compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

Brand New Kid on the Market:skycaddie-watch-gps

April Nike has just announced its intention release a GPS watch inside early. It’ll incorporate Tom-tom’s Global positioning system into the Nike+ Sport Watch, which is a firm favorite among runners around the world already. The particular watch, which received two Development Honors at the buyer Consumer electronics Show in NEVADA, is ultra-lightweight and contains a user friendly tap-and-go screen.

It keeps all the initial Nike+ Sport Watch features, like the shoe ability and sensor to upload recorded data to a personalized on the internet Nike account. One new function, which may or might not please runners, may be the “operate reminder” which tells you whenever you’ve been recently around the lazy part plus have to get back on the highway.
Whether you’re simply getting into an exercise program or are coaching for the 10th ultra-marathon, GPS watches are usually handy equipment to maintain you on the right track, much more methods than one.

The best Golf GPS devices will provide you with the ability to handle the course and the overall game. The newest era of the greatest golf GPS models source exact and trusted size calculations from any kind of stage of the program. Nevertheless, beyond these types of almost all introductory characteristics, the very best GPS models possess brilliant advanced features.

Shining light on windows and glazing technologies – Part 2

Skylights offering low-emissivity glass with argon gas reduce winter heat loss and block excess summer heat, while guarding against UV rays. Laminated safety glass is provided, similar to car windshields, which eliminates shattering. Skylights by Insula-Dome.

The IBP Glass Block Grid System [TM] comes ready to set up and eliminates the need for mortar installation. This system creates block windows, walls, skylights, and floors; is available in a variety of stock sizes, shapes, and colors. Blocks can also be curved to a desired radius. IBP Glass Block Grid System by Acme Brick Co.

Glass skylights use SunPLUS4, an energy-efficient, low-E glazed, argon-filled product. Skylights transmit only 38 percent of the solar energy for decreased heat gain, while blocking 62 percent of UV rays. SunPLUS4 skylights by Kenergy [TM] Skylights.

SunScreen [R] exterior shading product absorbs and dissipates up to 70 percent of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the window. Shades are easy to install, and may be removed during cold months when heat gain is desired. Product works when window is open or closed; does not come in contact with glass. SunScreen shading product by Phifer Wire Products, Inc.

3M [TM] Scotchtint [TM] window films make buildings more comfortable and help cut heating and air conditioning costs by reducing temperature imbalances. Available in clear, neutral, and other shades and colors, product blocks up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays. 3M Scotchtint window films by 3M Construction Markets Div.

Lexan [R] MR5 is an abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet with a specially coated surface that is difficult to mark or scratch. Product is suitable for high-traffic and high-impact areas in offices, schools, laboratories, and libraries; carries a limited warranty against breakage, delamination, and other damage. Lexan polycarbonate sheet by GE Plastics/General Electric Co.

Glass and glazing selection manual discusses key factors in glass selection. A glossary of terms is followed by a discussion of insulating performance, UV protection, solar control, and noise control. Glass and glazing selection manual by Hurd Wood Windows/Hurd Millwork Co.

Kawneer Sealair [R] 7225/8225T-L Windows are offered in various styles, including projected, casement, top-hinged, VP/HP, and fixed types for every building application. These windows feature a patented thermal break and are factory-glazed in a variety of finish options, both anodized and painted. Kawneer Sealair 7225/8225T-L windows by Kawneer Co., Inc.

Sun-Gard [R] window films are now available in 72-inch widths. This allows flat glass applications on large windows without splicing, which can diminish protection. A number of film styles are available in this size. Sun-Gard window films by Metallized Products.

Giving Vision to Great Ideas brochure showcases company’s selection of aluminum-clad and Eagle Wood [TM] windows. French, patio, and entry doors are also featured. Brochure encompasses 16 pages of full-color photography. “Giving Vision to Great Ideas” brochure by Eagle Window & Door, Inc./A Masco Affiliated Co.

EXTECH Series 5300 top-hinged industrial window system features shatterproof thermoplastic glazings, ideal for security or high-abuse applications. Deep glazing pockets and low friction gaskets allow thermal expansion of materials. EXTECH Series 5300 industrial windows by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.

Fiberglas [R] Windows and Patio Doors are engineered to produce an airtight, watertight fit and will not warp, shrink, or swell. The result is a more durable, energy-efficient product. Fiberglas Windows and Patio Doors by Owens-Corning [TM].

Custom glass enclosures manufactured by company include sunrooms, solariums, window walls, and other options that offer the advantage of year-round sunlight. Designs have included meeting areas, smokers’ shelters, recreational spaces, dining areas, and more. Customized shading systems are also available. Custom glass enclosures/shades by Patio Enclosures, Inc.

Company offers a selection of venting and fixed-roof windows, including the Sunrise Series, Vision, and Hilight. Windows are easy to install and provide a weathertight fit. Sunrise Series, Vision, and Hilight roof windows by Roto Frank of America Inc.

Okalux [R] and Okasolar [R] glass panels control light and heat. Okalux insulating and light-diffusing panels have capillary fibers sealed between two sheets of glass; can be custom-shaped to protect against direct sunlight. Okasolar panels use reflective louvers, sealed between two sheets of glass. As the sun moves, the amount of incoming light varies. Okalux and Okasolar panels by Schott Corp.

The Andersen [R] line of venting, stationary, and vent/tilt roof window flashing systems prevents water and ice build-up and eliminates leakage. Windows can be installed on every angle from 9 to 80 degrees. Interiors are natural pine, and exteriors are coated in an earth-tone shade. Andersen venting, stationary, and vent/tilt windows by Andersen Windows, Inc.

Rehau’s S-773 prime casement vinyl window design offers sleek sightlines. Designed for the new construction market, product includes features that reduce fabricator’s material and labor costs, such as a brickmold or optional “J” trim and a 1/2-inch drywall return. S-773 prime casement vinyl window by Rehau Inc.

EQUA-VU [TM] Series 890 heavy commercial windows feature operating vents thai are indistinguishable from fixed vision lights. Products are designed to withstand high winds and heavy rain. Company pledges reliable delivery. EQUA-VU Series 890 by EFCO Corp.

Mirage [TM] Folding Glass Wall system appears to be a series of weathertight windows, when closed. This accordion-style window opens easily. A trolley system uses sealed stainless steel bearings with nylon rollers for easy maintenance. The aluminum frame is available in white or bronze finish: low-E glass is standard. Mirage Folding Glass Wall system by Skywall, Inc. [R]/A Brower Co.

Specialty, direct-set windows provided by company include octagons, triangles, trapezoids, and rectangles. Options include argon-filled insulating gas, natural wood or aluminum airspace grills, and aluminum cladding for a low-maintenance exterior. Company also provides patio doors. Specialty windows and patio doors by Vetter, SNE Enterprises, Inc./A Ply Gem Co.

Visionwall [R] window systems feature R-8 glazing, structural aluminum frames with 3-inch thermal breaks, condensation resistance, and acoustical attenuation properties. Systems can be custom designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Visionwall window systems by Visionwall Technologies Inc.

Glass and acrylic skylight systems are passive solar collectors that enhance energy performance. A color brochure discusses the factors that can lead to lower energy consumption; also offers a look at various types of skylights, including glass and acrylic models in structural and vaulted styles. Brochure on glass and acrylic skylight systems by Plasteco, Inc.

Therm-O-Lite [R] Interior Insulating Windows offer an alternative to total replacement when existing units are still functional. Conversions from single-glazed to double-glazed reduce heating/cooling losses. Options include low-E glass and between pane blinds. Polyvinyl construction will not rot or rust. Therm-O-Lite Interior Insulating Windows by Therm-O-Lite/distributed by Johnson Controls World Services Inc.

Sealed Insulating Glass:

* Reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, cutting annual heating and cooling needs.

* Blocks more than 63 percent of UV rays.

* Acts as a natural sound barrier.


Steel Windows:

* High strength permits the use of large glass lites.

* Narrow sightlines enhance aesthetics.

* Thermal expansion is minimal.

* Finishes keep frames rust-free.


Window Films:

* Cut solar heat gains by as much as 80 percent.

* Reflect heat back toward its source.

* Some installations can save enough energy, in a year’s time, to equal one barrel of oil.

* Offer safety protection by holding broken glass in place after impact.

* Cut UV radiation by up to 99 percent.


Wood Windows:

* Pleasing aesthetics are related to wood’s natural beauty.

* Withstand corrosion.

* Provide thermal resistance.

* Easily stained and painted.


Low-E Windows:

Emissivity describes a product’s ability to absorb and re-radiate heat on a scale of zero to one. The lower the product’s “E” value rating is, the greater its re-radiated heat reflective ability. Low-E properties are achieved with the application of thin metallic deposits or films, invisible to the naked eye. In the winter, special low-e coatings permit free solar heat and daylight to enter, then block the heat from escaping. In the summer, the window reduces heat gain by reflecting re-radiated heat back outside.


Gas-Filled Windows:

Gas filling is a process that replaces the dry air atmosphere in a window with dry, gaseous atmospheres, such as argon. This reduces the window’s resistance to heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Most window heat loss occurs through conduction. Argon is less conductive than air. It slows the flow of building heat to the outside in the winter, and reduces the outdoor heat that can enter in the summer.

Shining light on windows and glazing technologies – Part 1

There are several windows and glazing instruments that building management professionals can choose from. These include the Rodeca skylight and panel products, the R-10 Maxi-Glas glazing system for solarium applications, Wood Windows and Doors, the Monumental Magnetic One Lite interior storm window, Excel double-hung wood windows and operable casement and fixed window systems. Other options are the Integrity windows, TR-3300 heavy commmercial window casement, vinyl casement windows, Llumar Magnum security window film, External window film series and Curved Architecture Panels system.
An array of options helps building professionals enlighten the workplace.
Rodeca [R] skylight and panel products feature a polycarbonate sheet with an aluminum framing system. Suitable for vertical and sloped glazing applications, and where energy savings and special light transmission are required; product comes in clear, bronze, opal, green, and blue tints, and can be custom colored. Rodeca translucent skylights and panels by Co-Ex Corp.
The R-10 Maxi-Glas [TM] glazing system for solarium applications suspends two layers of Heat Mirror [TM] 77 film between two layers of dual-glazed glass. Krypton gas is an additional insulator, resulting in maximum insulation against heat and cold transfer. Product also filters out UV light and buffers sound. R-10 Maxi-Glas by Sunshine Rooms, Inc.
Wood Windows and Doors. The Most Natural Choice brochure explains the benefits and features of wood windows. Illustrations depict how low-emissivity windows block solar gain, and charts show estimated energy savings in various parts of the country. “Wood Windows and Doors. The Most Natural Choice” brochure by the National Wood Window & Door Association.
The Monumental Magnetic One Lite (MMOL) interior storm window is designed for very large fixed or inoperative openings. It attaches magnetically for a tight seal and is easily removed for cleaning. Product is custom designed and offered in special shapes. MMOL interior storm window by Allied Window, Inc.
Excel [TM] double-hung wood windows come with a factory-applied Flexacron coating that resists cracking, blistering, and peeling in harsh climates. The exterior finish is guaranteed for at least a decade, and comes in 48 custom colors. Excel double-hung wood windows by Louisiana-Pacific.
Operable casement and fixed window systems include project-in and project-out ventilators, as well as drop-head in-swing units. Windows can be field-glazed from the interior or exterior; extruded aluminum frames are finished to match windows. Window systems by Vistawall Architectural Products.
Integrity [TM] windows feature an exterior shield of Ultrex [TM], a tough composite material that won’t warp, rot, crack, or dent. This product line combines wood with a composite; both materials serve as structural components. Windows are offered in the most requested sizes and are easy to install. Integrity windows by Marvin Windows & Doors.
Model TR-3300 heavy commercial window casement is suited for vent requirements. Product combines vinyl and aluminum for exterior strength and interior warmth. Narrow sightlines and welded corners make it ideal for larger openings. TR-3300 window casement by TRACO.
Vinyl casement windows meet commercial building needs with fusion-welded corners; multi-point locking system; and heavy-duty, dual-arm operators. Advanced weather stripping and exterior sash create a weathertight, energy-efficient unit. Vinyl casement windows by Chelsea Building Products.
Window product data sheets and guide specifications for architectural, double-hung windows are offered. Among them are thermal units with various frame depths, non-thermal windows, and non-thermal units with prime/storm options that allow multiple glazing and noise absorption features. Window product data sheets and guide specifications by Season-all [R] Industries.
Curved, laminated glass offers a seamless appearance, ideal for storefronts or other facade applications. Company manufactures curved and bent designs in laminated, laminated and insulated, or tempered glass combinations. Curved glass by Dlubak Corp.
Strip windows are designed to complement company’s Vector [R] curtainwall systems. Windows are available with 2- and 3-inch sightlines or with conventional, 2-side silicone glazing. A unique full-depth gutter controls condensation. Strip windows by Robertson [TM] /A United Dominion Co.
Skylights and related products are designed to weather the elements. Custom designing and engineering are provided to create skylights, canopies, enclosed walkways, and more. Skylights and related products by LinEl Skylights.
Brochure on wireless, fire-rated glass ceramic features FireLite and FireLite Plus. Guide outlines product usage, specifications, comparative technical data, and design applications. Products are listed for use in fire-rated locations; fit in standard, fire-rated frames. FireLite and FireLite Plus brochure by Technical Glass Products.
Company’s translucent, diffused-light panel systems allow evenly balanced, natural light to help building professionals achieve distinctive skylights, skydomes, and wall systems. A structural composite sandwich panel is formed by bonding special fiberglass sheets to a grid core of aluminum beams, offering high design flexibility. Translucent, diffused-light panel systems by Kalwall [R].
Llumar Magnum security window film offers protection from broken glass and flying fragments. This laminated film of polyester and metalized coatings is bonded by an adhesive system. Product provides optical clarity, has a scratch-resistant surface, and offers protection from UV radiation. Llumar Magnum window films by Courtaulds Performance Films.
External window film series, Duralux 500 [TM], is manufactured with KYNAR 500 [R], a polyvinylidene fluoride resin with a strong molecular bond. This protective laminate offers superior weatherability and thermal-, chemical-, and UV-resistant properties. Products resist abrasion, dirt retention, and erosion. Duralux 500 external window films by Madico Inc./Sub. of Lintec.
Steel windows with a high-tech finish are durable, attractive, and come in almost any configuration. A polyurethane finish protects against rust. Steel windows create narrow sightlines and are cost-comparable to other alternatives. Steel windows by Hope’s Architectural Products, Inc.
Curved Architectural Panels (CAP) System [R] enables the production of unique effects in roofing, mansards, fascia, canopies, walls, and other areas. Panels are custom-curved to meet customer specifications. CAP System by Smith Steelite.
EverGreen [TM] tinted float glass offers solar control characteristics with high light transmission. Glass blocks 74 percent of UV light and transmits 65 percent of visible light, yet offers about 20 percent less solar heat gain than comparable products. EverGreen tinted float glass by Libbey-Owens-Ford.
Heat Mirror Plus [TM] temperature control glass reduces energy consumption by reflecting heat back to its source. Its clear appearance blocks 99.5 percent of UV radiation. Available with gas or air fill. Heat Mirror Plus by Southwall Technologies Inc.
Color pamphlet on steel windows shows actual applications. Suitable for contemporary or traditional structures, steel windows are durable, offer narrow sightlines, and remain virtually rust-free. Fire-rated and security products are also available. Steel window pamphlet by the Steel Window Institute.
The PC GlassBlock [TM], an expansion of company’s product line, is an 8-inch-square version of the THICKSET [TM] series, designed for windows and exterior walls. The block, 8 by 8 by 3 7/8 inches, is suitable for areas requiring noise reduction. Maximum light transmission and visual clarity are provided. PC GlassBlock by Pittsburgh Corning Corporation.
High-performance, low-maintenance windows, the ProLine [TM] products, offer durable wood construction, precisely matched corner joints, and exterior aluminum cladding. Wood has 1,500 times the thermal resistance of metal and 70 percent more than hollow vinyl. ProLine windows by Pella Corp.

Methods to make best use of your miter-saw

There are some best tips and tricks which can be used for making the best use of the miter saw. Some of the methods are listed below which you can practice to get the best out of this machine.

Replace the blade:

Usually, the miter saw machines are equipped with the standard blade which can be used for typical cutting procedures. When it comes to cutting the hardwood, you will require some special improvements in your machine. You can replace the standard blade with the carbide tip blade. This blade is more efficient for cutting hard pieces of wood. The cutting capacity of the machine is also increased by installing the carbide blade onto your machine. You can also use the 80 tooth blade or a 100 tooth blade for increasing the performance of the machine.

Backing-up the cuts:

Most of the miter saws are equipped with throat plates and they do not help in close supports. These machines have thin plastic inserts which do not help in making inserts in the MDF or plywood pieces. For this purpose, you can install a fence for support which will help to prevent the tearing off when the cuts are made with the blade. You can also adjust the settings for making different kinds of cuts. If you are facing trouble with the table and the supplementary fence support, immediately replace it. This is a best remedy for improving the cutting efficiency of the machine.

Wait for the blade to stop:

When you have done your cutting, wait for the blade to stop before you lift the machine. If you do not do this you will end up with some disastrous incident. So always wait for the machine to stop.

Extend the backing-up support:

The miter saw machines are equipped with tables which comprise of extensions which help to extend the stock support. Supports are required for the prevention of boards from tilting and falling off the table. For this, you can add blocks of scrap-wood which are according to the height of the table. Place these blocks on the ends on the board for the support.

There are some other options too. You can also get a bench for this purpose. You can also get extra extensions for working with the tricky wooden pieces. You can get a custom-made bench or you can place blocks of wood under the table of the miter saw which will help in supporting the machine. You can also go for commercial systems for this reason.

Prevent on cuts:

When you are working with the hardwoods, most of the time the miter saw machines bend while making cuts. You can prevent this from happening. You can make cuts in two simple steps. First of all, for the first cut you have to cut a 1/16 inches on the line of waste of the wood piece and cut the line. Now, cut the wood piece half wide and this will prevent the machine from bending while cutting.