Wooden Toy box that Anyone Can Make To Child

image001 It is not necessary that for every woodwork project, you do not require expensive tools. If you want to make wooden toys, it is easy to work if you have hand tools and some other electronic woodworking equipment. For the creation of the toy box, only a few tools are used.

For making this amazing toy of wood, you just need a miter saw machine and a circular saw. These saws are used for the cutting of wood pieces into parts and a board nailer is required for assembling. For accurate jigs, the circular saw is going to be enough. Using a home-made track, you can cut the wood into straight lines.

For making a kid toy box of wood, you will need some supplies

  • One MDF sheet of ¾ inch
  • Glue
  • 38 1-1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • Brad nails
  • Paint


Steps to create the toy box

 Cut all Steps to create the toy boxthe pieces of according to the layout. The first MDF piece is 3 inch wide. Then we will cut the lower base and the top frame. You need to cut seven 1 inch strips on the short side. Then, you must trim them.
 Using the miter saw machine to cut , i usually use Hitachi C12RHS for my woodworking job, you can cut the pieces of MDF sheet for the side panels of the box.
✔ Now start with the assembling process.
✔ Pocket holes method is the main part. With the help of these holes, you can get strong joints.
 Now take the bottom piece of and screw it.
 Fill the inside of the pocket holes with a drywall compound. Then sand down the rough surface after the compound is dry.
 Place the top frame and screw it with the glue and brad nails.
 Do the same with the lower base.
 Fill the nail holes with the compound and leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, start sanding. The edges of the box should be smooth because children have to play with it, so you have to make sure every edge is smooth.
✔ At the end, when you are done assembling all the pieces together, apply a primer coating of paint over the box and leave it to dry. Do the coating inside out.
 On the top and lower base, apply semi-glass white latex paint. You can paint the exterior of the box of any color of your choice.
 After you have painted the box, apply a protection layer on the paint. You can spray a two or three coats of the protection layer for long lasting results. Lacquer is the best choice for protecting the coating.

Now your kid toy box is ready. This is a simple wooden toy for children and you can build it easily with a few woodworking tools. You do not have to use any kind of table saw for this project. Use the miter saw for accurate cutting. This toy box is a great toy which is created for the children who are in learning the stage and they can play with them and learn a lot of things.

You can refer How to build a toy chest with the same way to do as we do Toy box or watch video below for more understanding . Hope that help you can a nice box to your child .

How to choose the best miter saw machine

Miter saw is a typical machine which has been used for cutting things into pieces, for example, using miter saw to do a wooden toy box to child. Anyone can buy it from anywhere and having some knowledge about it could help the buyer to make a decision. Expert’s suggestion is always recommended while buying a miter saw.

History of miter saws

The history of using miter saw is quite ancient but the forms found then were different from the present available ones. The fundamental purpose of using it is to make proper pieces.
Here are some advices for you which can lead you to make a successful purchase of a miter saw. But at first, knowing the types and genres of miter saw is really important. Let we introduce to you one by one.

Types of miter saws

The archetypal miter saw is always the manual one which has an additional miter box. While dealing with miter saws, knowing about different power tool is also quite important. There are plenty of other significant changes that have been brought into the miter saws with time.
Another type of miter saw is power. It is mostly used to chop things and sometimes even for slicing. This is why many people often consider it as drop saw and some people also refer it as chop saw.
You can also get motorized miter saw now. Basically it has been in use since the era of industrialization. There is a thing name miter index which signifies this type of miter saws most.
Overall we can categorize miter saws into three types –
1. Standard saws
2. Compound saws
3. Sliding compound saws
You cannot expect a miter saw cutting long rips, it’s because miter saws usually cut cross. To find out the precise area where to cut, you can take some laser guides to help you through it.

Important features that are needed to be considered while choosing one :

Miter saw is always peril free but while buying a new one you should be careful. This is because you obviously you would like to have a saw which can offer you the best service and the chance of getting injured will also be minimal.
Sliding compound saws were first introduced at the early 80’s and It has become popular within a year. From that time, sliding compound saws has been treated as prime cross cut saws though some people go for something else but none can avoid the importance of sliding saws as still it is referred to as primary saws for cross cutting.
When you have decided to purchase a miter saw get sure about your needs and preferences. Some saws can offer you cutting flexibility up to 45 degrees. There are also some other producers who can offer you further flexibility, say as near 60 degrees. Depending upon your need pick the best one that suits you most.
So the areas you need to work on before choosing a miter saw are to
• Know the basics of miter saw
• Take the experts aid
• Get sure of your preference
• Fix the degree of flexibility you require

How to Make Perfect Cuts with Circular and Miter Saws

Circular saws and miter saws are widely used across the world to obtain a better and precise cut as per the demand. If you want to get some precise cut, you must to go for using circular and miter saws.

Knowing few things:

But before making a dive into work, it is recommended knowing few things. One is, about miter saws which states, its types and significance. Various types of saws are available in the market and you can purchase any of them depending upon your necessity.

About circular saws, yes, it is indeed a pretty good thing to have. But one might not ignore to utter few relevant things about it. Yes circular saws are very important and in few cases you cannot do its work by using any other tool. But it is quite dangerous and therefore you have to know how to use it.

Figure: Long board cross cuts

To make a precise and perfect cut it is advised to read these underlying tips.

  1. Cutting an average small board is not that challenging as you have full control over it. But in case of a long board the scenario is different as here you don’t have the sufficient control. So before getting into middle of working take a note regarding this.
  2. Use some sort of obstacle or blockings so cutting tall boards can turn into be less challenging. Any type of fencing made of woods can be great at this point. Those fences are often referred as auxiliary fences.
  3. Use the blade to cut into 0.25 inch at a time.
  4. Keeper side needs to be clamped, so the suggestion is to hold it well.
    Let the rest side relaxed, so that can work freely.
  5. To get exact bevel cuts try to clamp your entire work.
  6. Make the plunge cutting as safe as you can.
  7. Provide rooms to the emitted thrash can fall down and can reduce the chance of binding to the blade. This is really crucial in working with a circular saw. So try to let the cutoff to drop free as you can avoid blade binding.
  8. The blades those are already went dull need to be replaced soon
  9. While making tiny pieces, focus more to avoid perils.
  10. Straightedge guide using can be awesome to keep the concentration deep and to avoid the focus from watching the lines.
  11. Never start working unless you are sure that the working blade is crystal clear and there is no watery solvent adjacent with it.
  12. Use a good saw table when start to work and avoid having kids or anything around you which might distract you by any means.

Unless knowing the basics of using miter saws, it is not suggested to step forward. This quote is even sharper for using circular saws. Because statistics suggest us many types users get injured while using this and lost their fingers.

If you have a very small board you can make use of tiny cut enable miter saws. In case of cutting things like plunge, circular saws are simply phenomenal.

How to Start a Woodworking Business

One of most lucrative business is woodworking business. Anyone can do this if have some working capital in his hand. Woodworking businesses shift their products towards many types and sorts of customers. Some of their customers are individual, where some other is professionals. Many manufacturing companies take materials from woodworking businesses. Besides a small woodworking business can earn good amount of money.

Investing in woodworking business!

Comparing the amount of investment and the labor that is requiring putting on, woodworking business is really a good dimension to focus on. Many building contractors often have seen buying millwork from different woodworking business.

As the types of goods a woodworking business can offer towards its consumer are versatile, the opportunity to bloom in this business is optimum. If someone wants to enter in this industry to make some profit, we recommend him not to waste time any more.

Knowing some key things in vital!

But knowing some key things can help him a lot. Otherwise any entrepreneur can be outsmarted by others already working in this industry.

One of the crucial things about woodworking business is, it has a big market span. An entrepreneur can spread his woodworking business across the boundary and everywhere he can expect consumers. As the consumers of it are different, overall sales remain steady. Some might purchase in retail amount, when some other might go for bulk purchasing. So it should be considered as a vital aspect.

How someone can start the business!

To start the business, the earliest duty is to make a business structure which involves adequate panning. After that you need look for the places where permission needs to be taken. A certified professional account can aid you by showing the approximate expenditure which might incur.

Now, the time to meet with an insurance company to be ensured! Taking loan from somewhere is the key and you never should forget that. Try to sanction a loan where the interest rate is tolerable. Never put you in a rush as there are many alternatives.

Make a double check and if you find any additional permission till to be received, fix that fast. When you might receive the permission fix the area to base on. Also plan where you might set your outlets. Never forget to create some effective channel of communication to the customers, so they can reach you easily.

At the beginning forget to profit much and focus more on providing the service and to gain some customer satisfaction. It is better to base on such an area where different kind of customers is readily available. At this moment, fix your product line. As a beginner we would not recommend to try out a lot of products at a time, rather beginners should take their time to observe and to understand the market.

Always focus of written documents, even while you would order for materials or something. Try to hire some employees those are honest, skilled and sedulous. Finally go and brand you properly.

In a bird’s eye view-

  • An entrepreneur should take adequate permissions before starting a business
  • Need to find out good working areas
  • And also need to manage a good communication channel to meet customers effectively,

Decorate Your Interiors with Wooden Furniture

In this modern days people seems spending a lot on their home. Home décor is getting an important part of people’s duties. A person who earns a little also think how he can shape his house into a better looked one. The individuals those are earing handsome are spending huge to be mentioned. Their entire target is simple; they want to make their house beautiful.

This is not only true for outside decoration, but also true for internal decoration. In many ways a person can decorate his house internally. Interior design peoples are sitting for a call of duty. You can decorate your interior spending much money. Besides there are ways to decorate that by not spending that much!

Using wooden things in house

What about using wood to decorate your interior parts of your house. Yeah you must say it sounds cool, though you are doubtful about the approximate costing. Many people think using wooden things are so costly and therefore not all of the peoples should go for that!

But the fact is this is totally a wrong perception. You can get wooden furniture to decorate your house internally and that would not cost you so much.

Benefits of using wooden furniture’s!

If a person use wooden things for internal design, the overall look of a home get changes. Wooden furniture can offer you better appearance and also can offer you additional comfort. Besides the longevity of wooden furniture is quite significant! So in every way of thinking, you can reveal positives to go for wooden furniture for interior design of your house.

You can try with colors first of all. Say as you can use wooden colors in different corners of your rooms. It can be used in wall; it can be even used in corridors.

Wooden colors can be of different types.  You can pick gray color or you can also pick something dark. White synthetic colors are also found. So up to you basically to decide on!

Using wooden things in flooring can give you antique appearance, just like a British style. In case of living room, while using certain wooden colors, think also what type of light you have in your room.

In case of kitchen decor!

You can also think the same for your kitchen. For some peoples kitchen is a boring place to enter. So if you are one of those; decorating your kitchen internally can help a lot to feel comparatively better. Light oak or maple woods are significantly better for kitchen using.

A very important thing to remind about kitchen is you cannot renovate the kitchen cabinet everyday as it is not like other furniture’s of your home. So while picking, take decision adequately.

In brief, wooden furniture using in interior décor requires knowing

  • The difference between living room décor and the kitchen décor
  • Colors and its language, so you can pick colors perfectly that would suit most with additional things of a house.
  • The different types of woods
  • The overall cost that might bring in action